Meeting Dates

Next Annual Meeting of the Casselman Historians (Friday evening & Saturday, Sept. 18 & 19, 2020) 

Topical focus: This meeting will recognize 2020 as the centennial year of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and treat the involvement of the Casselman Valley Amish and Mennonite congregations in MCC programs in the decades that followed.

search for grain MCCMCC was founded in 1920 in an effort toward Mennonite united effort and efficiency in relief ministries. MCC’s initial work was a response to needs in Russia related to World War I and, especially, the civil war in Russia known as the Bolshevik Revolution.
The ministries of MCC were vastly expanded in geography and scope throughout the twentieth century. A major category of involvement of the Casselman Valley people, in addition to monetary donations, was relief for war sufferers of World War II though the work of the sewing circles, meat and soup canning, and the Pax program of rebuilding in Europe.

Watch future issues of The Historian for information on topics, speakers, and place of meeting. In the meantime, mark your calendar for September 18 and 19.

Schedule and Beginning Times

Friday evening and Saturday, September 20, 21, 2019 (Friday 7:00 P.M.; Saturday 9:00 A.M.) at the Maple Glen Mennonite church, Grantsville, Maryland.

The meeting is programmed as follows (information is forthcoming):

Friday Evening


Saturday Forenoon


This is a free public meeting—all are welcome! Pre-registration is not required.

LOCATION: Maple Glen Mennonite Church, Grantsville, Maryland (one mile north on Dorsey Hotel Rd.) [See map with church location below]

74 Maple Glen Dr
Grantsville, MD 21536‎
(301) 895-5945

Maple Glen Mennonite Church Location

The Casselman Historians (a.k.a. Casselman River Area Amish and Mennonite Historians) are devoted to researching, telling, and preserving the Amish and Mennonite history of the Casselman River area of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Garrett County, Maryland.