From the Casselman Valley to Iowa Territory 1846 – 1870

From the Casselman Valley cover
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From the Casselman Valley to Iowa Territory, 1846 – 1870,” compiled and printed by Jim Yoder, Grantsville, Maryland, September 2014.

In this booklet I have attempted to identify the Amish Mennonites who at one time lived in the Casselman Valley of Garrett County, MD, and Somerset County, PA, and eventually moved to Iowa Territory. The time frame is primarily from 1846 to 1870. Most were Amish Mennonite and some were German Baptist. Many, known as the second wave immigrants who came directly from Germany to Somerset County, PA, and Garrett County, MD, in the 1800s had intermarried with Amish Mennonites, Mennonites and German Baptists who had come to the Casselman Valley between the 1770s and 1790 primarily from eastern Pennsylvania. These groups from the Casselman Valley were well represented in Iowa.